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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Barbara's father had been a _____________; her uncles and grandfathers worked in the mines or for the Union Pacific.
(a) Restaurant owner
(b) Chef
(c) Journalist
(d) Copper miner

2. What does Jerry's restaurant close off to employees since they don't want other employees lingering there during breaks?
(a) Bar
(b) Outside area
(c) Dining room
(d) Break room

3. The manager, ________, yells at Barbara for a confused breakfast and a yuppie customer complains too.
(a) George
(b) Millie
(c) Joy
(d) Stu

4. The businesses place ads in the paper so they can always have a pool of __________ from which to hire at any time.
(a) Women
(b) Applications
(c) Desperate workers
(d) Cheap labor

5. How long do Carlie and Barbara work before they take a break from their housekeeping work?
(a) 4 hours
(b) 10 hours
(c) 5 hours
(d) 8 hours

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Barbara not want to mention when she is out in her new working life?

2. Since Barbara is far from any grocery store, she needs to live on __________ when she eats.

3. Barbara ruled out areas like LA and New York as the working class consists mainly of people of _______ and she might look out of place.

4. When the drug testing is supposed to begin, the employees speculate that it is _________ who is guilty of the drug issue.

5. When Barbara walks out of the restaurant, she feels _______ instead of feeling enraged, as she expects to.

Short Essay Questions

1. What does Barbara think, at the start of the experiment, will be the biggest challenge during this assignment?

2. What does Barbara feel she is compelled to do with the patrons at Hearthside, where she works as a waitress?

3. What happens if Barbara thinks she will have to go homeless, even for one night during this experiment?

4. What is Barbara's fear about working in the area where she currently lives, Key West?

5. What will Barbara not rely on in order to get a job and to support herself, as one of the rules of her experiment?

6. What does the interviewer at a grocery store warn Barbara about when she puts in her application?

7. What are some of the other reasons why Barbara doesn't really want to take on the assignment of working for minimum wage?

8. How long a period of time will the author spend in each location?

9. What is the one thing that Barbara says she will not mention as she is applying and working during this experiment?

10. Describe the first apartment that Barbara finds when she is out looking for her first new 'home' for the assignment.

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