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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Barbara notes that her sister constantly complained about the hopelessness of being a ____________.
(a) Waitress
(b) Minimum wage worker
(c) Wage slave
(d) Woman

2. Barbara admits she has two things going for her as a minimum wage worker - she is ________ and she is a native English speaker.
(a) Available
(b) Woman
(c) Educated
(d) White

3. Barbara notes that she made a rule that she had to work hard at her jobs to keep them, not go off on ________ rants or sneak off to read novels in the ladies' room.
(a) Marxist
(b) Liberal
(c) Long-winded
(d) Curse-filled

4. Barbara can not afford gas money because of the $30 she has to spend on a ___________ for her restaurant job.
(a) Set of pencils
(b) Book
(c) Application fee
(d) Uniform

5. Barbara feels to truly replicate the experience of a minimum wage worker, she would need to have a few __________ in tow too.
(a) Relatives
(b) Children
(c) Bill collectors
(d) Boyfriends

Short Answer Questions

1. Barbara ruled out areas like LA and New York as the working class consists mainly of people of _______ and she might look out of place.

2. Barbara promises to spend a _________ in each location in order to get a sense of the area.

3. How long do Carlie and Barbara work before they take a break from their housekeeping work?

4. When the going gets too rough for Barbara, she admits she will use ____________ to get by.

5. What is the name of the cook who occasionally throws meat against the wall during his shift?

Short Essay Questions

1. What do the managers do to Barbara when she is an employee at Hearthside, she realizes as she continues to work there?

2. What is the one thing that Barbara says she will not mention as she is applying and working during this experiment?

3. What does Barbara think, at the start of the experiment, will be the biggest challenge during this assignment?

4. What does Barbara feel she is compelled to do with the patrons at Hearthside, where she works as a waitress?

5. Why do people end up living with others or in conditions they don't want to live in, according to Barbara?

6. How much does Barbara think she will have to make in order to pay her rent and for food during her stay in Florida?

7. What does the interviewer at a grocery store warn Barbara about when she puts in her application?

8. Once Barbara begins to let go of her elitist attitude, what does she realize about the workers around her?

9. What will Barbara drive when she is a part of this experiment in working for minimum wage?

10. What will Barbara not rely on in order to get a job and to support herself, as one of the rules of her experiment?

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