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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Some of the coworkers have to pay $60 a night for a hotel room because they can not save up the ___________ for a first and last month rent payment.
(a) $2000
(b) $500
(c) $1000
(d) $100

2. Barbara realizes she will need ____________ in order to pay for her apartment.
(a) To stop driving
(b) Another job
(c) Less food
(d) More tips

3. What is Barbara punished with when she points out that a manager is calling one of his employees by the incorrect name?
(a) Being sent home early
(b) Extra work
(c) Reduced wages
(d) Loss of tips

4. Barbara's father had been a _____________; her uncles and grandfathers worked in the mines or for the Union Pacific.
(a) Copper miner
(b) Restaurant owner
(c) Journalist
(d) Chef

5. One manager threatens to take the _______________ privilege from the employees even though this is their only hideout to smoke or eat.
(a) Bar
(b) Break room
(c) Outside
(d) Office

Short Answer Questions

1. Barbara promises to spend a _________ in each location in order to get a sense of the area.

2. Barbara realizes that her use of a car is different as many minimum wage workers have to use _________ to get around.

3. Since Barbara is far from any grocery store, she needs to live on __________ when she eats.

4. The manager, ________, yells at Barbara for a confused breakfast and a yuppie customer complains too.

5. Barbara certainly does not want to do hard ________ labor when she is working at her new jobs.

Short Essay Questions

1. What kind of job does Barbara say that she will take, money-wise, at least at the start of the experiment?

2. What do the managers do to Barbara when she is an employee at Hearthside, she realizes as she continues to work there?

3. What are some of the other reasons why Barbara doesn't really want to take on the assignment of working for minimum wage?

4. What happens if Barbara thinks she will have to go homeless, even for one night during this experiment?

5. How long a period of time will the author spend in each location?

6. How much does Barbara think she will have to make in order to pay her rent and for food during her stay in Florida?

7. If things get too rough during this experiment, what does Barbara say she will do in order to feel herself or to support herself?

8. What does Barbara think, at the start of the experiment, will be the biggest challenge during this assignment?

9. What does Barbara find out about Gail and what she has to do when her boyfriend suddenly dies?

10. Once Barbara begins to let go of her elitist attitude, what does she realize about the workers around her?

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