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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Barbara certainly does not want to do hard ________ labor when she is working at her new jobs.
(a) Outside
(b) Physical
(c) Slave
(d) Mental

2. Barbara asks the manager of her trailer park to donate her security deposit to ________.
(a) George
(b) Millie
(c) Stu
(d) Gail

3. What would Barbara use in order to document her daily experiences after her shifts were done for the day?
(a) The wall
(b) Journal
(c) Napkins
(d) Laptop

4. What is Barbara punished with when she points out that a manager is calling one of his employees by the incorrect name?
(a) Loss of tips
(b) Reduced wages
(c) Extra work
(d) Being sent home early

5. Barbara is surprised that she feels a strong urge to ________ the patrons who she meets.
(a) Ignore
(b) Impress
(c) Avoid
(d) Nuture

Short Answer Questions

1. A middle aged waitress named __________ takes Barbara under her wing when she first begins her new job.

2. Barbara admits she has two things going for her as a minimum wage worker - she is ________ and she is a native English speaker.

3. Who is the tiny busy woman who teaches Barbara the rules of the next job she takes on at the hotel adjacent to the restaurant?

4. Barbara says that she will not rely on her superior ______________ to support herself.

5. What does Ehrenreich discover about her uniform when she is heading over to her second job?

Short Essay Questions

1. Why doesn't Barbara think the physical exertion of her new job should be bothering her so much?

2. How much does Barbara think she will have to make in order to pay her rent and for food during her stay in Florida?

3. When Stu says that drugs have been found at the restaurant, what do the employees speculate about this action?

4. What will Barbara drive when she is a part of this experiment in working for minimum wage?

5. What does Barbara think, at the start of the experiment, will be the biggest challenge during this assignment?

6. What is Barbara's fear about working in the area where she currently lives, Key West?

7. What happens if Barbara thinks she will have to go homeless, even for one night during this experiment?

8. What are some of the other reasons why Barbara doesn't really want to take on the assignment of working for minimum wage?

9. Why does Barbara want to take on the assignment she actually suggested be done?

10. What does the interviewer at a grocery store warn Barbara about when she puts in her application?

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