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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What did Ellen think the compliment from the doctor really was?
(a) A lie.
(b) A pick up line.
(c) A mocking statement.
(d) A way to distract her.

2. What does Ellen's entourage have to do?
(a) All of these.
(b) Laugh at her jokes.
(c) Keep her happy.
(d) Compliment her.

3. What does Ellen say there is no polite way of doing?
(a) Removing chewing gum from your mouth.
(b) Side stepping a question.
(c) Giving advice.
(d) Rejecting an advance.

4. What does Ellen abhor more than anything else?
(a) Educated fools.
(b) Feminists.
(c) Killing animals.
(d) Discrimination.

5. What did Ellen create for people to talk to her?
(a) A punch line.
(b) A contract.
(c) A treatise.
(d) A template.

6. What did Ellen do before her sitcom started taping?
(a) Tell jokes.
(b) Rehearse with her cast.
(c) Sing songs.
(d) Say prayers.

7. When is Ellen most afraid?
(a) Late at night.
(b) Early morning.
(c) Evening time.
(d) Late afternoon.

8. What was Ellen asked to explain to an alien on her advice column?
(a) Swimming pools.
(b) Sushi.
(c) Baby diapers.
(d) Chewing gum.

9. What is Ellen most grateful for in her life?
(a) The small things.
(b) Her success.
(c) The family she had.
(d) Her friends.

10. What happened when Ellen was trying to get help at the hospital?
(a) She was ignored.
(b) She was not believed.
(c) She was asked to perform.
(d) She was laughed at.

11. What is the minimum number of Ellen's entourage?
(a) 20.
(b) 10.
(c) 25.
(d) 15.

12. What did Ellen have to describe at the hospital?
(a) Her experience.
(b) Her symptoms.
(c) Her insurance.
(d) Her mother.

13. How does Ellen say never to get out of a ticket?
(a) Bribing.
(b) Pleading.
(c) Joking.
(d) Kissing.

14. What does Ellen say should never be put on dolphins?
(a) Glitter.
(b) Hats.
(c) Tutus.
(d) Paint.

15. What habit does Ellen call idiotic?
(a) Talking to herself.
(b) Picking at scabs.
(c) Leaving lights on.
(d) Overindulging pets.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Ellen not want to feel when in a sleeping bag?

2. What is the title of Chapter 15?

3. What group does Ellen say should always be rescued first off a sinking boat?

4. Why does Ellen say it is silly to make up scary scenarios?

5. What did Ellen say was happening if her ears were itching?

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