My Point-- and I Do Have One Character Descriptions

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Ellen DeGeneres

This person did not want to waste time writing her book if it was not going to be a hit.

Betty DeGeneres

This person could not remember much about her daughter's early years.

Vance DeGeneres

This person had many photos taken of him as a baby.

Selma Clanque

This person said the author was such a fat baby that she could not walk for the longest time.

Mr. Bowden Lamar

This person was a high school guidance counselor.


This person was large and held a party that ended a friendship.

Rita Bangs

This person thought the author fell in love with her dance instructor who got someone else pregnant.

PeeWee Herman and Soupy Sales

These were the judges in the final round of The Funniest Person in America competition.

The Hollywood Celebrity

This person lived by other rules than mere mortals, according to the author...

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