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Orlando Patterson
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Short Answer Questions

1. In the days of ancient Carthage, the slave develops what kind of value?

2. What are the three elements of freedom called?

3. In this type of freedom, an individual can do what he wants without the constraint of what?

4. Slavery is more than just what kind of problem?

5. On what does Patterson draw heavily to make his point?

Short Essay Questions

1. What are the living conditions of women?

2. The contemporaneous development of slavery and the concept of freedom characterize ancient Athens and Greece. How does Patterson again use Greek drama to support this point?

3. What is the importance of the significance on the development of freedom as a social value?

4. What are the schools of thought among Hellenistic thinkers?

5. Eventually the differing views of freedom lead to social conflict and upheaval. What causes this?

6. What does it mean to be Greek at this time?

7. During the war in the sixth century B.C., Greek cities are occupied by the Persians. What does this do to the Greeks?

8. Patterson draws heavily on Greek drama to make his point. Give one example from which he cites.

9. What does Plato say about the soul?

10. What does the Peloponnesian War do to Athens and Greece?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Patterson states he does not mean for his book to be a study of the intellectual study of freedom, but the historical development of freedom a a social value.

Part 1) Why is this his purpose?

Part 2) Based on this book, what might be the author's thoughts on the social value of freedom? Why?

Part 3) Why must the study of the intellectual study of freedom naturally be a part of this book, even though it is not what the author intended?

Essay Topic 2

The underlying theme of slavery is the domination of one entity over another entity.

Part 1) How does slavery begin? Why has slavery existed in cultures around the world and throughout history?

Part 2) What are the various concepts of slavery? How do variations exist?

Part 3) How does your upbringing influence your thoughts and opinion on slavery?

Essay Topic 3

Three schools exist among Hellenistic thinkers.

Part 1) Who are Hellenistic thinkers? What are the three schools?

Part 2) How did these schools come about? What is the significance of these three schools?

Part 3) How have these schools been used and altered by various societies after the Hellenistic Period?

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