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Orlando Patterson
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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How does the ruling class find the majority of the population becoming?
(a) Economically and socially independent of it.
(b) Politically independent of it.
(c) Economically and socially dependent on it.
(d) Politically dependent on it.

2. _________________ freedom more or less defines the slave-slave master relationship.
(a) Sovereignal.
(b) Personal.
(c) Community.
(d) Civic.

3. Patterson states that he does not mean for his book to be a study of the intellectual study of freedom, but the historical development of what?
(a) Freedom in Roman culture.
(b) Freedom as a social value in Greece.
(c) Freedom as a social value.
(d) Greek culture and society.

4. The slave is owned by whom?
(a) His king.
(b) The slave master.
(c) His father.
(d) Himself.

5. These factors lead to the development of what kind of society?
(a) A foreign slave based society.
(b) A kingdom with serfs instead of slaves.
(c) A native slave based society.
(d) No longer a slave based society.

Short Answer Questions

1. Greek drama represents what?

2. Which social classes of women are restricted to their houses with very little social life?

3. On what is there greater reliance to produce the necessary revenues?

4. What does the slave want?

5. Each of the three is concerned with what issue?

Short Essay Questions

1. How does slavery develop and change during this period in Carthage?

2. What is a second revolution?

3. Why is freedom not a social value of the Tupinamba people of Brazil in the sixteenth century?

4. Patterson draws heavily on Greek drama to make his point. Give one example from which he cites.

5. Why are foreign slaves brought into the country?

6. How does Patterson view the development of freedom as a social value?

7. This chapter examines the role of Greece in the historical development of freedom as a social value. What are the four designated periods of interest?

8. What does the Peloponnesian War do to Athens and Greece?

9. What is the importance of Greek religion on freedom?

10. Eventually the differing views of freedom lead to social conflict and upheaval. What causes this?

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