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Orlando Patterson
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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 10.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Since the slave master's financial welfare depended on the slave, what did he have to do?
(a) Scare the slave into submission.
(b) Find a way to purchase more slaves.
(c) Find a way to motivate the slave to produce.
(d) Trick the slave to produce.

2. To what does this lead?
(a) The upper and middle class women commiserating and identifying with the slaves.
(b) All women commiserating and identifying with their friends and relatives.
(c) The lower and upper class women commiserating and identifying with their children.
(d) The lower and middle class women commiserating and identifying with slaves.

3. Between what freedoms do they distinguish?
(a) Personal and civic.
(b) Smooth and rigid.
(c) Outer and inner.
(d) Warm and cool.

4. What is the third revolution, which involves the emergence of democracy?
(a) An economic revolution.
(b) A philosophical revolution.
(c) A political revolution.
(d) A social revolution.

5. How does agricultural production shift?
(a) Completely to grain.
(b) Completely away from grain.
(c) Somewhat away from grain.
(d) Toward grain.

Short Answer Questions

1. What delineates the fifth revolution of this period?

2. Preoccupation with freedom is predominately a _____________ concept.

3. With _____________ freedom, the individual is not dominated by another human.

4. On what is the nineteenth century Imbangala people of Africa's society based?

5. Athens experiences how many results from the transition to a slave economy?

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