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Orlando Patterson
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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 22.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does it mean to be Greek?
(a) To be enslaved.
(b) To be special.
(c) To be an outcast.
(d) To be free.

2. The fact that Jesus is crucified and dies has critics doing what?
(a) Wondering when he will return.
(b) Questioning if he actually died.
(c) Questioning the absurdity of a Messiah who can't save himself from execution.
(d) Wishing they had met Him before He died.

3. Who are many of the proponents of these schools of thought?
(a) The middle class.
(b) The upper class.
(c) Slaves or former slaves.
(d) The aristocracy.

4. In what revolution does a large slave population exist to serve the aristocracy and non-farm population?
(a) An economic revolution.
(b) A social revolution.
(c) A freedom revolution.
(d) A political revolution.

5. With what is freedom equated?
(a) Solitude and self-sufficiency.
(b) Independence and self-sufficiency.
(c) Indepence and solitude.
(d) Dependency and self-sufficiency.

Short Answer Questions

1. Upon what form of freedom do intellectuals frown?

2. How do many in the nobility view the princeps?

3. Which of the following statements describes the new class that arises?

4. Is it still possible for the upper class to experience personal freedom even when their civic freedom is severely limited by the princeps?

5. What happens to debtors at this time?

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