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Orlando Patterson
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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 7.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Why is freedom not practical for a slave during this period?
(a) He is not intelligent.
(b) He does not have a place to go.
(c) The slave master would not have an adequate amount of workers.
(d) He would have family with which to stay.

2. By whom is society transformed?
(a) The upper class.
(b) The middle class.
(c) The lower class.
(d) The slaves.

3. Did freedom as an idea develop into a value everywhere?
(a) Mostly.
(b) No.
(c) Yes.
(d) Somewhat.

4. How does this chapter examine the role of women in the development of the concept of freedom?
(a) Using Roman plays.
(b) Using German symphonies.
(c) Using Greek tragedy.
(d) Using French operas.

5. Greek drama represents what?
(a) A time away from real life.
(b) A fantasy.
(c) A discourse on values.
(d) A realistic view of women in society.

Short Answer Questions

1. Society's economic infrastructure consists of what, in addition to larger landholder farms?

2. How does Greek drama, especially tragedy, credit women?

3. Of what is Greek drama full?

4. Who did the women confined to home have for company?

5. What happens to debtors at this time?

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