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Orlando Patterson
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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 13.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. When does the speech take place?
(a) During the last year of the Peloponnesian War.
(b) During the first year of the 100 Years War.
(c) During the first year of the Peloponnesian War.
(d) During the last year of the Persian War.

2. In what do plebeians have more faith?
(a) No-man-rule.
(b) Many minor rulers.
(c) One-man-rule.
(d) No rulers.

3. In order to foster productivity, there is also an accompanying increase in what, since this is the only way the society can attain the output it needs to survive?
(a) Efficiency.
(b) Manumission.
(c) Inequality.
(d) Torture.

4. What is an outgrowth of Socratic thought in which there is complete personal freedom, both inner and outer?
(a) Epicureanism
(b) Cynicism
(c) Stoicism.
(d) The Socratic method.

5. What are palatine centralism, decentralized tribalism, rudimentary state formation and aristocratic resurgence?
(a) Four designated periods of interest.
(b) Four city-states.
(c) Four villages.
(d) Four Grecian rules.

Short Answer Questions

1. What delineates the fifth revolution of this period?

2. This chapter describes events in the period between the Persian War and the beginning of what?

3. To what can the development of freedom as a social value be traced?

4. Of whom does the majority of the population consist?

5. Three schools of thought exist among what thinkers?

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