Objects & Places from Freedom

Orlando Patterson
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Coastal Brazil

This is the home of the Tupinamba, an early slave society in pre-European South America that practiced the ritualistic slaughter of their slaves. Slaves had little value to the master except for the honor and dignity of the slaveholder.


This is the home of the Impangala, an African slave-based society. The slave master depended on the slave's productivity and motivated the slave by the promise of freedom.

Coastal Celebes

This is the South Pacific island home to a group of people, some of whom practice slavery. Slavery introduced the notion of different classes with different status.


This has a slave-based society where the slave is totally dominated by the owner without any kind of personal identity. The slave/master relationship exemplifies the supremacy of the ruler.


This is a collection of city-states, including a city which is the birthplace of democracy and the...

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