Freedom Character Descriptions

Orlando Patterson
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Homer - This character is a Greek author of the "Iliad" and the "Odyssey," circa 750 B.C. Writing during the period of palatine centralism, he addresses the issues of slavery and freedom.

Aeschylus - This character is an ancient Greek dramatist whose female characters show a strong concern for personal freedom and are willing to go to great lengths to obtain it.

Sophocles - This character is a Greek dramatist circa 450 B.C who was concerned with the issues of slavery, freedom and democracy.

Pericles - This character is a Greek dramatist of the time, circa 450 B.C whose works also exhibit the elements of freedom, slavery and democracy.

Sophists - This group of early Greek intellectuals was concerned with the issue and role of freedom. They are the early educators who moved around the area educating the upper class.

Plato - This character is a Greek...

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