Freedom Chapter Abstracts for Teachers

Orlando Patterson
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Chapter 1

• The preoccupation with freedom is a predominately Western concept.

• Freedom has three components: personal, sovereignal and civic, but defining freedom and slavery purely in terms of legal status is not entirely correct; slavery is more than just a problem in legal status.

• The underlying theme of slavery is the domination of one entity by another entity.
• Patterson discusses several tribal societies that include slavery and slave eating, but in these cases freedom is not a social value.

• The social infrastructure necessary for the creation of social values is not yet in existence.

• Patterson views the development of freedom as a social value as somewhat of an historical development process; society cannot have freedom as a social value until society is socially ready for it, which means that there has to be consent from the society.

Chapter 2

• Freedom as an idea did not develop into a value everywhere...

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