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Chapter 1, Happiness Revisited

• The definition of happiness doesn't really matter in the big picture.

• Happiness can be achieved through the control of consciousness.

Chapter 2, The Anatomy of Consciousness

• Consciousness is not a mystical thing.

• Consciousness allows a person to invent information, create lies, etc.

• The self is a large part of consciousness.

Chapter 3, Enjoyment and the Quality of Life

• To improve one's life, you need to change your external conditions and change reactions to external conditions.

• A large part of enjoyable acts involves challenge.

Chapter 4, The Conditions of Flow; Chapter 5, The Body in Flow

• Flow may be spontaneous or structured.

• A condition of flow is how the culture affects a person's goals and desires.

• Physical activity is a great contributor to achieving flow.

• Senses are key factors in achieving flow.

Chapter 6, The Flow of Thought

• Flow can be easily generated through the mind.

• When the body is not...

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