Beautiful Senoritas Short Essay - Answer Key

Dolores Prida
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1. How is the setting for the play described? How do the scene changes take place?

The setting for the play is an empty stage, either completely bare or with some platforms upon it. For scene changes, the actors merely walk from one playing area to another--if there are platforms they might change from one to another.

2. Who is Don Jose? What is he awaiting? What does he want?

Don Jose is a proud, excited, expectant father. His wife is about to give birth to his first child. He desperately wants a son.

3. What will Don Jose do if his wife has a son?

When his son is born, he will teach him to ride horses, shoot, drink, and take him to a whorehouse. He says his son will spread his seed across the entire village and carry his name on.

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