Beautiful Senoritas Character Descriptions

Dolores Prida
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Miss Conchita Banana - This character is introduced at the beauty pageant as an invention of Madison Avenue for the United Fruit Company.

Beautiful Señorita 1 - This character is described as dressed as Carmen Miranda. Her most notorious items of costuming are a dress that leaves her midriff bare and an immense headdress made of tropical fruits.

Beautiful Señorita 2 - This character is said to act and be costumed so as to bring to mind the Latina entertainer Charo.

Beautiful Señorita 3 - This character appears as Iris Chacón.

Beautiful Señorita 4 - In the second scene, this character removes her makeup and speaks of how tired she is, but eventually leaves to attempt joining her friend in beauty pageants.

Beauty Queen - This character explains how she is tired of her life of competition and smiles.

Brother - This character appears in...

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