The Good Old Days--they Were Terrible! Fun Activities

Otto Bettmann
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Newspaper Article

Find a current newspaper article about the air pollution or bad air quality in a major city. Look for solutions to the problem in the article. Bring it to class to share.

Era Comparison

The author states that this era in history (after the Civil War) is to some the "good old days." With a partner, try to think of just two things that were better then than in our society today. Compare your answers with other teams.

Photo Collage

Make a photo collage from magazines or internet sources of different kinds of trains. Include passenger trains and freight trains.

Traffic Comparison

How do the traffic problems of modern New York and Los Angeles compare? What is the primary traffic difference in those two cities? In which city could you get along most easily without private transportation?

Letter Writing

Write a letter home as a newly...

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