The Good Old Days--they Were Terrible! Character Descriptions

Otto Bettmann
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The Working Urban Poor

Overcrowding, major health issues and horrid living conditions plagued these people who most often had immigrated into the cities of America, especially during the Gilded Age.

The Working Rural Poor

People in this group worked almost non-stop work just to survive. Exhaustion, loneliness, depression and disease were common.

The Landlord

Because of overpopulation and housing shortages, this person exploited their tenants with high rents, unreasonable conditions, neglected properties and heartless evictions.

The Police

This group extorted businesses with promises of protection and non-harassment similar to the mafia. They were sometimes as thuggish as the criminals they were meant to combat.

Boss Tweed and His Tammany Hall

This political machine ruled New York City throughout much of the late 19th century. A bureaucracy based upon cronyism and political favoritism, combined with constant pilfering of the city treasury, it undermined local government and threatened the most...

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