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Robert Greene (author)
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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 17: Effect a Regression.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does the author say helps to consolidate the seducer's hold both before and after inflicting pain?
(a) Being critical.
(b) Gentleness and kindness.
(c) Reflection.
(d) A phone call.

2. What famous Madame does the author describe as the main figure in The Ideal Lover?
(a) Tussaud.
(b) Laveau.
(c) Curie.
(d) Pompadour.

3. The author encourages readers to help whomever they seduce work through _____, preferably _____ from childhood.
(a) As many relationships as possible/Old friends.
(b) Manipulation/Using taunting games learned.
(c) Counseling/Discussing issues.
(d) Old feelings/Finishing unfinished business.

4. The author says there is a great element of _____ involved in sending mixed signals.
(a) Manipulation.
(b) Effort.
(c) Teasing.
(d) Disappointment.

5. According to the author, what is charm a combination of?
(a) Professionalism and a sense of fun.
(b) Natural buoyancy with good manners and a bit of style.
(c) Fantasy and reality.
(d) Confidence and an ability to flatter people with low self-esteem.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Don Juan tell a woman to convince her to run away with him?

2. Who does the author say the Rake in modern America might find his niche with?

3. The relationship between Casanova and Mathilde allows for _____ to be used and natural _____ to emerge.

4. What type of people does the author say are virtually impossible to seduce?

5. The Dandy is the quintessential what?

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