The Art of Seduction Fun Activities

Robert Greene (author)
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Create a collage displaying at least 10 archetypes from the book. Label each picture to explain what makes the figures fall into each category.

Marketing plan

Develop a marketing plan for a person or business, requiring them to be a Coquette. Include all the passive, detached behaviors the person or business should follow to gain attention.

False sense of security

Write a tip sheet offering guidelines on how to create a false sense of security. Design the guideline to be for a specific group (teachers, students, doctors, parents, etc.).

Dating with military tactics

Record an advertisement for relationship coaching that uses military tactics. Use tactics from the book as examples. Testimonials are optional.

Movie clip

Find a movie clip where seduction is used. Describe the scene, type of seducers and any skills from the book that are used. Explain how the outcome is similar or different to one...

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