The Art of Seduction Character Descriptions

Robert Greene (author)
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This Egyptian ruler uses make-up, fancy boats, beautiful singing and sexual allure along with political power and competencies to create a well-guarded boundary of the Roman Empire.


This world famous rake's efforts during the earlier stages of the seductions were what helped develop a name for him as a world renowned lover.

Lou Andreas-Salome

This 1800's European philosopher seduced many people in his field, without sexual relations.

Madame Pompadour

This person ended up being a leader of the arts and a lover to a ruler, much to the chagrin of others.

Marlene Dietrich

This seducer and movie star had a 'masculine edge' and unique style.

Napolean Bonaparte

This famous General was also known for marrying a spouse who had a reputation for being 'a bit loose', but instead of everyone's fears being justified, the relationship turned out to be a successful lifelong marriage.


This person...

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