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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Ideology: Religion.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What cause did Russia and Britain disagree over after the French Revolution?
(a) The independence of Finland.
(b) The independence of Poland.
(c) The independence of Greece.
(d) The independence of Turkey.

2. What were the dates of the Napoleonic Wars?
(a) 1791-1812.
(b) 1789-1815.
(c) 1792-1815.
(d) 1812-1815.

3. France was opposed by which of these in the Napoleonic Wars?
(a) All of Europe and Britain.
(b) Austria and Prussia.
(c) Britain and Russia.
(d) Russia, Prussia and Austria.

4. Which industry saw special improvements and expansion in the late 1700s, according to Hobsbawm?
(a) Magnesium.
(b) Copper.
(c) Coal.
(d) Iron.

5. When did the Constituent Assembly create a new Constitution that turned France into a Constitutional monarchy?
(a) 1795.
(b) 1793.
(c) 1791.
(d) 1789.

Short Answer Questions

1. In Hobsbawm's account, what did the peasantry lose by land reforms sweeping the globe in the mid-1800s?

2. Where were the French forces defeated in 1815?

3. What quality distinguished the revolutions that took place in 1848 from earlier revolutions, according to Hobsbawm?

4. What did the nobility do when France became a Constitutional monarchy?

5. What set the stage for the French Revolution, in Hobsbawm's account?

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