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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Nationalism.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Europe was ruled by Britain, France, Austria, Prussia and which nation?
(a) Romania.
(b) Russia.
(c) Greece.
(d) China.

2. How did the concept of nationalism spread through Europe?
(a) From east to west.
(b) From west to east.
(c) From north to south.
(d) From France outward in every direction.

3. What was abolished in the wake of Napoleon's victories?
(a) Monarchy.
(b) Aristocracy.
(c) Colonialism.
(d) Feudalism.

4. What idea does Hobsbawm say was just being developed after the turning point of 1830?
(a) Separatism.
(b) "Self-conscious" nationalism.
(c) International community.
(d) Unionization.

5. In what did England lead Europe, in Hobsbawm's account?
(a) Per capita trade.
(b) Political freedoms.
(c) Raw material production.
(d) Moral philosophy.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Hobsbawm say the major European powers agreed on after the French Revolution?

2. What does Hobsbawm say revolts turned against in this period?

3. What does Hobsbawm say was the greatest influence on political thought in the 19th century?

4. What, in Hobsbawm's view, was the economic result of the French Revolution?

5. Where does Hobsbawm say the first wave of revolutions took place after the French Revolution?

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