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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Revolutions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Hobsbawm say was the greatest influence on political thought in the 19th century?
(a) The ancient Greeks.
(b) The Industrial Revolution.
(c) The French Revolution.
(d) The Renaissance.

2. What was Robespierre's role in the Reign of Terror?
(a) He was persecuted by it.
(b) He oversaw it.
(c) He conceived the idea for it.
(d) He incited the people to carry it out.

3. Who does Hobsbawm say the revolutionary groups saw as the beneficiaries of their third wave of revolutions?
(a) The merchants of the world.
(b) Radicals and revolutionaries everywhere.
(c) All common people everywhere.
(d) Marx and Ricardo.

4. What did the monarchy do in response to France's financial crisis in the 1780s?
(a) He called a States General.
(b) He borrowed from the merchants.
(c) He outsourced the business of governing.
(d) He proposed new taxes.

5. What were the dates of the Napoleonic Wars?
(a) 1792-1815.
(b) 1791-1812.
(c) 1812-1815.
(d) 1789-1815.

Short Answer Questions

1. In what way does Hobsbawm say the world of 1789 was bigger than today?

2. How much does Hobsbawm say Europeans were affected by the Napoleonic Wars?

3. What did the nobility do when France became a Constitutional monarchy?

4. What was the effect of the nobility trying to return to government in France?

5. What was the result of improvements in the technology of spinning and weaving?

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