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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through War.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What was the French National Assembly modeled on?
(a) The British House of Commons.
(b) The British House of Lords.
(c) The American Senate.
(d) The American House of Representatives.

2. Which areas were best connected, according to Hobsbawm?
(a) The farm country.
(b) The islands.
(c) The seacoasts.
(d) The mountains.

3. How much does Hobsbawm say Europeans were affected by the Napoleonic Wars?
(a) He says that almost everyone felt the effects in one way or another.
(b) He says that fighting was widespread throughout many regions.
(c) He says that the wide areas were almost totally devastated. but some were left untouched.
(d) He says that many were not affected at all.

4. What set the stage for the French Revolution, in Hobsbawm's account?
(a) France's war with Russia.
(b) France's war with Britain.
(c) France's war with Prussia.
(d) France's war with Austria.

5. Who was represented by the "Third Estate" in France?
(a) The merchants.
(b) The bourgeoisie.
(c) The common people.
(d) The nobles.

Short Answer Questions

1. Why does Hobsbawm say that the Industrial Revolution could only have happened in England?

2. In what did England lead Europe, in Hobsbawm's account?

3. The merchant class was situated between what and what, in Hobsbawm's account?

4. What was the Code of Napoleon?

5. Where were spinning and weaving performed prior to the Industrial Revolution?

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