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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Peace.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What relationship had begun to dominate between landowners and farmers in England in the late 1700s?
(a) Frontiersmen were opening new lands in Europe.
(b) Communal ownership.
(c) Lord and vassal.
(d) Landlord and tenant-farmer.

2. What were the dates of the Napoleonic Wars?
(a) 1789-1815.
(b) 1812-1815.
(c) 1791-1812.
(d) 1792-1815.

3. Where were spinning and weaving performed prior to the Industrial Revolution?
(a) In communal workshops.
(b) At home.
(c) In warehouses.
(d) In the market.

4. What does Hobsbawm say was the greatest influence on political thought in the 19th century?
(a) The Renaissance.
(b) The Industrial Revolution.
(c) The French Revolution.
(d) The ancient Greeks.

5. Why didn't France invade any territories after the French Revolution?
(a) The government could not raise an army large enough for any invasions.
(b) The country was burdened with too much debt.
(c) The country was struggling with internal dissensions.
(d) The price of reintroducing Jacobinism was too high.

Short Answer Questions

1. What did Hobsbawm say was the new law of businesses in the late 1700s?

2. Which nation led the others in industrialization?

3. Where were the French forces superior to the English?

4. Why does Hobsbawm say that the Industrial Revolution could only have happened in England?

5. What was the international congress that ruled Europe called?

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