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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Ideology: Religion.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How did many countries impose this transformation of land use on the people?
(a) By nationalizing church and state lands.
(b) By abolishing feudalism.
(c) By founding colonies in the New World.
(d) By seizing the aristocrats' lands for the people.

2. In Hobsbawm's account, what did the peasantry gain by land reforms sweeping the globe in the mid-1800s?
(a) Tradition.
(b) Freedom.
(c) Culture.
(d) Money.

3. What was the new stance toward religion after the French Revolution?
(a) The state had seized all church lands, and the church was diminished.
(b) The church had insinuated itself into the government.
(c) Radicals were openly antagonistic to the church.
(d) People were not hostile, but society was becoming more secular.

4. What was changing in the role religion played in people's lives, in Hobsbawm's account?
(a) It was in general decline.
(b) It was becoming merely ceremonial.
(c) It was becoming more radical.
(d) It was expanding into poor neighborhoods.

5. What, in Hobsbawm's view, was the economic result of the French Revolution?
(a) It devastated the continent with non-stop fighting.
(b) It created room for new industries.
(c) It concentrated the refugee populations in cities, where they became workers.
(d) It ruined the means of production and created the possibility of socialism.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Hobsbawm say had to happen to the land before its economic potential could be unleashed?

2. How much does Hobsbawm say Europeans were affected by the Napoleonic Wars?

3. What was the state of science in the period after the French Revolution?

4. What motive does Hobsbawm say would have to motivate the new owners of the land, if the land were going to develop economically?

5. What was the consequence of British land reforms in India?

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