The Age of Revolution: Europe 1789-1848 Fun Activities

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Industrialism's advantages and disadvantages

List three or five products of the Industrial Revolution that you couldn't live without, and three to five legacies of the Industrial Revolution you'd like to change.

Social mobility and immigration

Make a list of all the places the class' grandparents came from. How much bigger is the list if you include great-grandparents?

Other perspectives

How would Hobsbawm's history of Europe look different if it were told from a woman's perspective, and attention were paid to women's concerns? What about from a slave's? From a Greek's?

Short story

Write a short story in which the "Age of Revolution" appears.

Advertising the Age of Revolution

How would you design a marketing campaign that would promote Hobsbawm's book? How would you market it?

Class debate

Are we better off for the Industrial Revolution, or was something lost that has not been replaced, compensated for, or consoled...

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