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Mark Kurlansky
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Short Answer Questions

1. What took over the Mediterranean Sea as the main trade route for salt?

2. Which of the following Italian cities flourished after the fall of Rome?

3. In which country is Salzburg a town?

4. Why did the Romans used to salt their greens?

5. How did the salt wars start?

Short Essay Questions

1. How did the British help the Chinese in 1912?

2. How did the French finance minister reform the salt taxes?

3. What problem does the Dead Sea have?

4. How did the South finally get its supplies of salt?

5. Why did the French hate salt taxes so much?

6. Why were the Basques different from other Europeans?

7. While were the colonies of Massachusetts and Virgina so reliant on Britain?

8. In what way can American history be described as a constant struggle over salt?

9. How did the Basques earn their fortune before the discovery of salt?

10. How did New York improve the salt industry after the 1812 war?

Essay Topics

Essay Topic 1

How did the salt trade help to develop transport systems in Europe and America? How did countries use these trading systems during times of conflict?

Essay Topic 2

What role does salt play in today's society? Why is it likely salt will always play a major part in society?

Essay Topic 3

How were the following countries important in the development of salt?

1. China.

2. Britain.

3. USA.

4. Italy.

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