Salt: A World History Short Essay - Answer Key

Mark Kurlansky
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1. Why did the author become fascinated by salt?

The author first became interested in salt when he found a salt stone in Carbonara in Spain and took it back home. When he left it on the windowsill one night it got wet and in the morning stood in a small residue of salt. Ever since then the author says it has fascinated him.

2. What did the Japanese used to believe about salt?

The Japanese believed that evil spirits despise salt and so before plays and wrestling matched they would sprinkle salt on the stage.

3. How did salt become one of the first mediums of exchange?

Our early ancestors relied primarily on a vegetable diet that did not include much salt. However, salt is a necessity and when they found it it wasn't long before it became a sought after commodity. Salt was one of the first items traded by early humans and one of the first mediums of exchange.

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