Salt: A World History Chapter Abstracts for Teachers

Mark Kurlansky
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Section 1 Summary (Introduction The Rock, Chapter 1 A Mandate of Salt, Chapter 2 Fish, Fowl, and Pharaohs)

• The author says his interest in salt began when he bought a large salt rock in Spain. The salt crystals that formed on it when got wet, sparked his fascination.

• For a long time society has believed salt has an important part to play in our lives. Homer and Plato both connected salt with the gods and the Romans and Egyptians believed it excited sexual desire.

• Salt is the only rock we can eat and is essential to our survival, scientists claiming we need at least 2/3 of a pound of salt a year to survive. Because of this salt was one of the first mediums of exchange.

• Some of the earliest salt mines are said to be found in Europe, but there are also records that the Chinese began trading it as early...

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