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Stefan Zweig
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Short Answer Questions

1. How does Hofmiller react to the revelation about Edith's feelings for him?

2. Why does Edith decide not to go to the sanitarium or continue seeking a cure?

3. After leaving the military, what did Balinkay do?

4. Why is Dr. Condor's wife upset with his patients?

5. After Edith's fall, where does Hofmiller go first?

Short Essay Questions

1. Why does Hofmiller initially refuse Kekesfalva's request that he marry Edith in return for Kekesfalva giving him his entire fortune?

2. What event occurs to put a damper on Hofmiller's happiness when he returns to his barracks after the trip to the horse farm?

3. What happens at the end of the book to make Hofmiller realize he'll never be free of his guilt?

4. When Hofmiller goes to the castle the day after telling Kekesfalva about the potential cure for Edith, what does he discover Kekesfalva has done to complicate the situation further?

5. What are Ilona's feelings about the situation between Edith and Hofmiller once Edith's love for him has been revealed?

6. Describe the many changes in Edith's mood during the trip to the horse farm.

7. How does Edith use the threat of suicide in an attempt to influence Hofmiller?

8. What is Edith's suggested solution when Hofmiller convinces her that he cannot afford the trip to the sanitarium?

9. How might Hofmiller have resolved his situation during his visit to the castle, after seeing the family's excitement about the potential new treatment?

10. Why does Hofmiller not admit that he has exaggerated the potential for the new treatment to cure Edith?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Throughout the book, the reader learns that appearances can be deceiving and things are not always what they seem to be. Discuss this concept, including references to the characters of Dr. Condor, Hofmiller, Edith and Kekesfalva.

Essay Topic 2

Edith is a very complex character and often behaves in contradictory ways. Discuss some of those contradictions, including how she seems to feel and behave with regard to her disability and her feelings toward Hofmiller.

Essay Topic 3

After reading and reflecting on the entire novel, who do you think is the more sympathetic and likable character, Edith or Hofmiller? Why?

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