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Stefan Zweig
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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How does Edith react to what the gypsy tells her?
(a) She weeps with joy.
(b) She erupts in an angry tirade.
(c) She listens quietly and walks away.
(d) She runs from the room in tears.

2. When returning from his evening with Ferencz and finding another letter from Edith, what is Hofmiller afraid of?
(a) That she has run away.
(b) That she has told her father that Hofmiller doesn't return her love.
(c) That she is trying to trap him.
(d) That she has found someone else.

3. The book he is reading prompts Hofmiller to wonder if he is strong enough to do what?
(a) Tell Kekesfalva the truth.
(b) Ride the wild horse Kekesfalva has given him.
(c) Complete the rigorous training his unit is about to begin.
(d) Continue his lie.

4. Why was Balinkay at the Excelsior Hotel in Cairo when he met his wife?
(a) He owned the hotel.
(b) He was waiting tables there.
(c) He was having a drink at the bar with some friends.
(d) He was a guest there.

5. What happens to Kekesfalva after Edith's death?
(a) He sells his property and moves to France.
(b) He dies within a few days.
(c) He tries to kill Hofmiller.
(d) He joins the military.

Short Answer Questions

1. After Edith is taken away following her fall, what does Hofmiller do?

2. Why is the family delayed when they are returning home from their day trip?

3. What is the mood at the castle when Hofmiller arrives the morning after telling Kekesfalva about the new cure ?

4. How does Hofmiller feel about the book he is reading?

5. How is Edith treated by the villagers during their stop there?

Short Essay Questions

1. How does Hofmiller react when Edith first suggests that he kiss her?

2. What event occurs to put a damper on Hofmiller's happiness when he returns to his barracks after the trip to the horse farm?

3. Why is Hofmiller so willing to go to war after Edith's death?

4. Why is Hofmiller unable to commit to accompanying Edith and her family to the sanitarium?

5. When Hofmiller goes to the castle the day after telling Kekesfalva about the potential cure for Edith, what does he discover Kekesfalva has done to complicate the situation further?

6. At one point in the book's last section, Hofmiller believes he has resolved his dilemma by agreeing to marry Edith if she recovers from her disability, believing that it will never be an issue because she won't recover. What does Edith do to burst his bubble?

7. What prompts Hofmiller to turn away from the idea of leaving the military and taking a job with Balinkay?

8. How does Edith use the threat of suicide in an attempt to influence Hofmiller?

9. How does Hofmiller react when Edith angrily asks why he bothers coming to see her and her family?

10. Why does Hofmiller see suicide as the only solution to his problems?

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