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Stefan Zweig
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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Sitting in the café alone after buying Dietzenhof's property, how did Kekesfalva decide to handle his guilt over tricking her?
(a) He decided to sell it immediately and give her half the money.
(b) He decided that guilt is a useless emotion and refused to let it consume him.
(c) He decided he'd give her the opportunity to take it back.
(d) He decided to go to church and make a confession.

2. When Hofmiller imagines Edith cured of her disability, what does he picture her doing?
(a) Running happily through fields of flowers.
(b) Galloping on horseback and greeting him at the door when he arrives to visit.
(c) Dancing and going for long walks beside the river.
(d) Walking down the aisle at her wedding.

3. Why do Hofmiller and Kekesfalva end their conversation about the potential new cure for Edith?
(a) Kekesfalva gets a message that Edith has become ill.
(b) Kekesfalva leaves because it begins to rain.
(c) Hofmiller gets an urgent message from his commanding officer.
(d) Hofmiller's friends arrive to take him out for a drink.

4. Why does Edith keep secret pictures of dancers?
(a) She loved dancing before her accident.
(b) Her father doesn't approve of the pictures, so she keeps them hidden.
(c) She sells them to make extra money.
(d) She hopes to become an artist.

5. How does Edith react when Hofmiller asks her to dance?
(a) She gives him a shy smile and turns away.
(b) She is delighted by the attention being paid to her.
(c) She ignores him.
(d) She is horrified and begins to sob.

Short Answer Questions

1. How much was Dietzenhof's estate actually worth?

2. When Kekesfalva apologizes for his daughter's rude behavior, how does he describe Edith when she was a child?

3. What initially interested Kekesfalva about the estate Dietzenhof had inherited?

4. According to the book's introduction by Joan Acocella, why was the author, Stefan Zweig, so interested in the inner workings of the human mind?

5. How does Hofmiller react when he sees Ilona in the street after taking a night away from the family to play cards with his friends?

Short Essay Questions

1. What are some of the reasons Hofmiller finds himself gaining greater self confidence during his second evening in the Kekesfalva home?

2. What does Hofmiller mean when he says that everything that happens in the book began with a blunder?

3. How does Hofmiller's report to Kekesfalva differ from the actual information he was given by Dr. Condor?

4. How did Kekesfalva trick Dietzenhof with regard to the worth of her property?

5. Although Hofmiller finds himself enjoying his new sense of power and the comfort of being with with the Kekesfalva family, what keeps him from enjoying those feelings completely?

6. Why does Kekesfalva become upset with Dr. Condor during their discussion of Edith's condition?

7. Although Edith often seems to behave childishly with regard to her disability, how does her talk with Hofmiller about his failure to appear for dinner show her maturity?

8. What is Hofmiller's real motivation in accepting Edith's invitation to tea?

9. How did Annette Dietzenhof acquire the Kekesfalva estate?

10. Describe the circumstances under which Kekesfalva ended up marrying Dietzenhof.

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