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Stefan Zweig
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Hofmiller learn about the family's upcoming plans?
(a) They are leaving in 10 days to pursue the new treatment.
(b) They are planning a dinner in his honor.
(c) They are going to get a new doctor for Edith and fire Dr. Condor.
(d) They are planning a party for Edith's birthday.

2. Following the revelation of her love for him, what does Edith initially ask Hofmiller to do?
(a) Whatever it takes to fall in love with her.
(b) Marry her as soon as possible.
(c) Stop visiting because she is now too embarrassed to see him.
(d) Continue to visit and behave as though nothing has happened.

3. What kind of deal does Kekesfalva offer Hofmiller?
(a) He offers him all his wealth if he will leave and never see Edith again.
(b) He offers him all his wealth if he will marry Edith.
(c) He offers him the family's horse farm if he will marry Edith.
(d) He offers to get him promoted to General if he will never see Edith again.

4. Why is Dr. Condor's wife upset with his patients?
(a) They show up late for appointments.
(b) They don't pay their bills on time.
(c) She thinks they take advantage of him and are ungrateful.
(d) She thinks many are not as sick as they claim to be.

5. What surprise gift does Edith give to Hofmiller?
(a) A rare book.
(b) A beautiful horse.
(c) A house.
(d) An engagement ring.

6. How does Dr. Condor treat his wife?
(a) With disdain.
(b) With tenderness and patience.
(c) He ignores her.
(d) With rudeness and impatience.

7. In her second letter to him, what does Edith tell Hofmiller to do?
(a) Come to the house immediately so they can talk.
(b) Not to come to the house and forget all about her previous letter.
(c) Go with her to see Dr. Condor.
(d) Never see her again.

8. Who talks Hofmiller out of his plan?
(a) Dr. Condor.
(b) Colonel Bubencic.
(c) Kekesfalva.
(d) Ilona.

9. When Edith wants to show Hofmiller what she is capable of, what does she attempt to climb over?
(a) The garden wall.
(b) A large pile of discarded furniture.
(c) A balcony.
(d) The stall in a barn.

10. When they talk after Hofmiller returns from his trip with the Kekesfalvas, what does Dr. Condor tell Hofmiller about the new treatment?
(a) He says it would not work for Edith after all.
(b) He says the treatment only works for men.
(c) He says Kekesfalva would not be able to afford it.
(d) He says he lied to Hofmiller and there is no treatment.

11. What surprises Hofmiller about Dr. Condor's home?
(a) It is a large mansion.
(b) It is the house in which Hofmiller had grown up.
(c) It is decorated badly.
(d) It is in a poorer section of town.

12. What does Hofmiller do while Edith plays with the new foals?
(a) He rides wild horses.
(b) He sneaks into the barn for a nap.
(c) He calls his commanding officer.
(d) He calls Dr. Condor.

13. What does Condor ask Hofmiller to do about his situation with Edith?
(a) Tell Edith the truth about his feelings immediately and face the consequences.
(b) Ask Edith to marry him even if he doesn't love her.
(c) Follow through with his plan to leave the military and move far from the Kekesfalva family.
(d) Continue to act normally with Edith for a week, and tell him immediately if anything happened to upset Edith.

14. The book he is reading prompts Hofmiller to wonder if he is strong enough to do what?
(a) Tell Kekesfalva the truth.
(b) Continue his lie.
(c) Ride the wild horse Kekesfalva has given him.
(d) Complete the rigorous training his unit is about to begin.

15. What does Hofmiller ask Dr. Condor to tell Edith?
(a) That he does not want to marry her under any circumstances.
(b) That he will marry her even if she does not recover.
(c) That he is in love with someone else.
(d) That he has decided to leave the country.

Short Answer Questions

1. What is Balinkay's relationship with Hofmiller's regiment?

2. How does Edith commit suicide?

3. When Hofmiller tells Dr. Condor about Edith's kiss and her letter, why is Condor angry with himself?

4. How does Hofmiller react to the revelation about Edith's feelings for him?

5. Why does Hofmiller think it might benefit Edith to continue believing the lie about the new cure?

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