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Stefan Zweig
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. After they are alone following dinner at the castle, what does Dr. Condor tell Hofmiller he finds frustrating about Kekesfalva?
(a) When Dr. Condor arrives for appointments, Kekesfalva often isn't there.
(b) He pesters him constantly about Edith, asking the same questions over and over.
(c) He doesn't seem to take an interest in Edith's condition.
(d) He doesn't seem to respect Dr. Condor's medical opinions.

2. How does Hofmiller react when he sees Ilona in the street after taking a night away from the family to play cards with his friends?
(a) He is thrilled to see her on his own turf and asks her to go for a walk or to the patisserie.
(b) He is excited about the opportunity to introduce her to his friends.
(c) He is upset that she has apparently left Edith alone.
(d) He seems embarrassed and tries to avoid her.

3. Hofmiller shows his friends a gift that Kekesfalva gave him. What is the item?
(a) A gold pen.
(b) A gold cigarette case.
(c) A silver flask.
(d) An expensive first-edition book.

4. Hofmiller realizes that during all his visits to the castle, he has failed to ask what he considers the most natural of questions. What is the question?
(a) How did Edith become crippled?
(b) How did Kekesfalva become so wealthy?
(c) Why does Ilona live with Kekesfalva and Edith?
(d) Is Edith's condition permanent or is there hope for a cure?

5. Princess Orosvar left her entire estate to Fraulein Annette Beate Dietzenhof. What had been their relationship?
(a) Dietzenhof was her illegitimate daughter.
(b) Dietzenhof had been her companion and assistant.
(c) Dietzenhof was her oldest friend from childhood.
(d) Dietzenhof was the daughter of her closest friend.

6. How does Ilona initially react to seeing Hofmiller in the street after he does not appear for dinner as has become his custom?
(a) She says she's in a hurry and tries to rush away from him.
(b) She ignores him and begins to flirt with his friends.
(c) She asks him to take her out for a drink.
(d) She is delighted to see him and greets him warmly and affectionately.

7. What does Hofmiller think to himself about his decision not to gallop the horses?
(a) He realizes that it is foolish to deny oneself a pleasure just because someone else could not enjoy it.
(b) He is afraid he'll get into trouble with his superiors for going too slowly.
(c) He feels proud of himself for showing such a degree of respect for Edith.
(d) He worries that his men aren't being properly trained.

8. Why does Kekesfalva ask Hofmiller to be present when Dr. Condor comes to the castle and speak to him about Edith's condition?
(a) Kekesfalva isn't sure Dr. Condor is being completely honest with him about Edith's condition and chances for improvement.
(b) Kekesfalva wants to fire Dr. Condor from Edith's case but wants to avoid confronting him, so he asks Hofmiller to do it.
(c) Hofmiller tells Kekesfalva he is experiencing severe back pain and Kekesfalva thinks Dr. Condor might be able to help.
(d) Kekesfalva wants Dr. Condor to give up his other patients and devote all his time to Edith, and he wants Hofmiller to ask how much he'd expect to be paid to do that.

9. How does Edith react when Josef, the butler, comes to take her for her exercises?
(a) She insists that a wheelchair be brought.
(b) She flies into a rage and insists on walking by herself although it's very difficult.
(c) She refuses to go with him.
(d) She asks Hofmiller to go with her and help with the exercises.

10. Why does Edith keep secret pictures of dancers?
(a) She loved dancing before her accident.
(b) She sells them to make extra money.
(c) Her father doesn't approve of the pictures, so she keeps them hidden.
(d) She hopes to become an artist.

11. Why does Hofmiller say he joined the military?
(a) His career was forced on him.
(b) He hoped to become a general.
(c) He was drafted.
(d) It was his lifelong ambition.

12. How did Kekesfalva initially begin to manipulate Dietzenhof in order to gain control of her inheritance?
(a) He talked about how much better the weather was in the south of France than in Vienna.
(b) He criticized the home's décor.
(c) He talked about how much trouble it was to own property.
(d) He talked about the dangers facing a woman living alone.

13. When Hofmiller imagines Edith cured of her disability, what does he picture her doing?
(a) Dancing and going for long walks beside the river.
(b) Running happily through fields of flowers.
(c) Walking down the aisle at her wedding.
(d) Galloping on horseback and greeting him at the door when he arrives to visit.

14. What did Orosvar's relatives promise Dietzenhof to get her to sign everything except the Kekesfalva estate over to them?
(a) They said they'd abandon further litigation and pay her legal fees.
(b) They promised to pay for her children's college education.
(c) They agreed to allow her to change her last name to Orosvar.
(d) They promised to let her have first choice on Orosvar's large art collection.

15. Why does Hofmiller continue exaggerating about the new treatment's promise?
(a) He has been diagnosed as a compulsive liar.
(b) Dr. Condor asked him to make the treatment sound more promising than it actually is.
(c) He hopes that he'll benefit financially if he finds a cure for Edith.
(d) He finds the fact that Kekesfalva is hanging on his every word intoxicating.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Hofmiller do when he arrives at the castle and finds Edith sleeping on the terrace?

2. What does Dr. Condor tell Hofmiller was his initial opinion about why Hofmiller has become friends with Kekesfalva and his family?

3. Why do Hofmiller and Kekesfalva end their conversation about the potential new cure for Edith?

4. How did Dietzenhof change after marrying Kekesfalva?

5. Why does Hofmiller try to keep his two worlds - his life in the military and his relationship with the Kekesfalva family - separate from each other?

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