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Stefan Zweig
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. When telling him about the potential treatment for Edith, what does Hofmiller finally end up promising Kekesfalva?
(a) He promises that he'll take care of Edith if Kekesfalva dies.
(b) He promises that he'll accompany Edith to France so she can get the new treatment.
(c) He promises that Edith will get well very soon.
(d) He promises that he'll marry Edith.

2. After Dietzenhof completed the sale of the property without realizing Kekesfalva was the actual buyer, what caused him to begin to feel guilty about taking advantage of her?
(a) She said she needed as much money as she could get to take care of her disabled child.
(b) She began to suspect that he had tricked her.
(c) She offered to pay him for all his help.
(d) She told him how often other people had taken advantage of her.

3. Why does Dr. Condor tell Hofmiller the details about Kekesfalva's past?
(a) He enjoys gossip and thinks Hofmiller might like it also.
(b) He wants Hofmiller to understand Kekesfalva better and not believe any gossip he might hear from others.
(c) Kekesfalva asked him to fill Hofmiller in on his background.
(d) It makes him feel important to have so much private information to share with Hofmiller.

4. According to the book's introduction by Joan Acocella, why was the author, Stefan Zweig, so interested in the inner workings of the human mind?
(a) He read a great deal about psychology.
(b) He was trained as a psychiatrist.
(c) His father was a psychiatrist.
(d) He was a friend of Sigmund Freud.

5. Why was Kekesfalva so abrupt with Dietzenhof when he first arrived at the house?
(a) He was running late and afraid he'd miss his train back to the city.
(b) He assumed she was a somewhat dim-witted servant.
(c) He didn't respect women in general.
(d) She reminded him of his sister, with whom he did not get along.

6. What does Hofmiller say is the most startling thing that happens to him the night of his conversation with Dr. Condor?
(a) Kekesfalva's offer of money in return for the information he'd gotten from Dr. Condor.
(b) He was most startled to find Edith waiting for him in his barracks.
(c) The great flash of lightening that hit just as he is leaving Kekesfalva.
(d) Kekesfalva's display of gratitude.

7. Is Dr. Condor actively pursuing a cure for Edith?
(a) Yes, he is trying to get in touch with a doctor who has a promising new treatment for paralysis.
(b) Yes, he has just received funding for a new research project he is conducting in his own lab.
(c) Yes, he is planning a trip to the United States to pursue some new possibilities.
(d) No, he has no hope of a cure, but has not told the family how he feels.

8. How does Dr. Condor behave during dinner with Hofmiller and Kekesfalva?
(a) He bores the others with long stories about his medical research.
(b) He is a lively dinner companion, entertaining everyone with stories about his travels.
(c) He stuffs himself with food and wine, ignoring everyone at the table.
(d) He eats only a little and lectures the others on the dangers of overeating.

9. After they are alone following dinner at the castle, what does Dr. Condor tell Hofmiller he finds frustrating about Kekesfalva?
(a) He doesn't seem to respect Dr. Condor's medical opinions.
(b) He doesn't seem to take an interest in Edith's condition.
(c) When Dr. Condor arrives for appointments, Kekesfalva often isn't there.
(d) He pesters him constantly about Edith, asking the same questions over and over.

10. After Kekesfalva speaks privately to Hofmiller about talking to Dr. Condor, what is Edith's mood when the two men return to the house?
(a) She is cheerful and happy that Hofmiller has come for dinner.
(b) She seems to suspect that they've been talking about her, and she's quiet and moody for the rest of the evening.
(c) She is excited that Hofmiller is going to ask Dr. Condor about her prospects for improvement.
(d) She is angry and demands to know what they've been discussing.

11. When does Hofmiller find Edith most attractive?
(a) When she talks about horses.
(b) When she flirts with other men.
(c) When she is happy.
(d) When she flirts with him.

12. Why is Hofmiller so pleased about Kekesfalva's request that he speak to Dr. Condor about Edith?
(a) He has wanted to meet Dr. Condor for a long time and is happy for this opportunity.
(b) It shows that Kekesfalva has faith in him.
(c) He hopes to learn more about the doctor's relationship with the family.
(d) He wants to take advantage of the opportunity to ask Dr. Condor about his own medical complaints.

13. How does the main character, Hofmiller, say his story began?
(a) It began when he returned from a trip to South America.
(b) It began when he lost track of his car in an unfamiliar neighborhood.
(c) It began with an innocent blunder on his part.
(d) It began with a storm that caused a loss of power.

14. During dinner with Hofmiller and Kekesfalva, what does Dr. Condor initially say about Edith's current condition?
(a) He says it's clear that she hasn't been doing her exercises as regularly as she should.
(b) He says she's improved remarkably since his last visit.
(c) He says her exercises are going well, but that her mental state seems different.
(d) He says her leg strength has deteriorated considerably since his last visit.

15. Why is Hofmiller uncomfortable when he first arrives at the dinner party?
(a) He arrives late and doesn't know any of the other guests.
(b) He arrives an hour early.
(c) He doesn't like the food that is being served.
(d) He is dressed inappropriately.

Short Answer Questions

1. Why does Hofmiller tell Kekesfalva about the promising new treatment Dr. Condor mentioned?

2. What does Kekesfalva tell Hofmiller about Dr. Condor's marriage?

3. Although Hofmiller is torn about whether or not he wants to continue seeing Edith and her family, what precipitates his decision to return to their home?

4. How much was Dietzenhof's estate actually worth?

5. How does Edith react when Hofmiller asks her to dance?

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