Beware of Pity Short Essay - Answer Key

Stefan Zweig
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1. What does Hofmiller mean when he says that everything that happens in the book began with a blunder?

During his first visit to the Kekesfalva home, Hofmiller commits an unintentional blunder by asking Edith to dance. Since she has been seated during the entire evening, he does not realize that she is unable to walk, so he is unprepared and baffled when his invitation causes her to sob uncontrollably. The pity he feels for her prompts him to send Edith flowers, leading her to invite him to tea and this begins his ongoing relationship with the family.

2. How does Hofmiller's upbringing lead him to respond when he receives a dinner invitation from Kekesfalva?

Having been raised to be polite and considerate, when he receives a dinner invitation, Hofmiller goes to Kekesfalva's home three days before the date of the dinner to express his gratitude for the invitation. Although the family is not at home at the time of his visit, they appreciate his good manners and thank him for being so gracious.

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