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Stefan Zweig
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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Page 273 through 353..

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Why does Ilona tell Hofmiller he needs to be nice to Edith?
(a) She doesn't have long to live.
(b) She always hates herself after she throws a tantrum.
(c) They have to appease her to keep her from having more outbursts.
(d) He will miss her while she's away at the sanitarium.

2. Why does Edith not dance with Hofmiller?
(a) She is too shy.
(b) Her boyfriend doesn't want her to dance with another man.
(c) She is disabled and can't use her legs.
(d) Her father doesn't allow her to dance.

3. After learning Edith is in love with him, what does Ilona help Hofmiller do?
(a) Buy an engagement ring for Edith.
(b) Decide when to ask for her hand in marriage.
(c) Sneak out of the house.
(d) Figure out how to transfer to a different unit to get away from Edith.

4. How does Dr. Condor describe Kekesfalva's background?
(a) He grew up in a German orphanage.
(b) He was the only child of wealthy parents.
(c) He was born into a family with royal connections.
(d) He grew up as a poor Jew named Leopold Kanitz.

5. Why did Dietzenhof follow Kekesfalva's advice about selling her property without question?
(a) He threatened to harm her if she didn't follow his instructions.
(b) The papers he asked her to sign were in a foreign language and she didn't understand what she was signing.
(c) She knew nothing about business matters or investments, so she put her trust in him completely.
(d) She checked his credentials and was convinced he could be trusted.

Short Answer Questions

1. Why does Edith keep secret pictures of dancers?

2. What does Dr. Condor tell Hofmiller about incurable illnesses?

3. When Ilona asks Hofmiller why he did not come to the castle, what lie does he tell her?

4. What is Balinkay's relationship with Hofmiller's regiment?

5. After angrily confronting Hofmiller about lying to her, what does Edith tell him about continuing to visit the family?

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