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Stefan Zweig
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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Page 113 through 151..

Multiple Choice Questions

1. According to the introduction, in what way did Zweig's life mirror that of his main character, Hofmiller?
(a) They shared similar taste in books.
(b) He was also an army officer.
(c) He married a very young, very naïve secretary.
(d) He named the character after his brother.

2. After Kekesfalva speaks privately to Hofmiller about talking to Dr. Condor, what is Edith's mood when the two men return to the house?
(a) She seems to suspect that they've been talking about her, and she's quiet and moody for the rest of the evening.
(b) She is angry and demands to know what they've been discussing.
(c) She is cheerful and happy that Hofmiller has come for dinner.
(d) She is excited that Hofmiller is going to ask Dr. Condor about her prospects for improvement.

3. How did Kekesfalva change after getting married?
(a) He became abusive toward his wife.
(b) He confessed all his previous misdeeds to his new bride.
(c) He began staying out late at night, drinking with his friends.
(d) He tried to erase traces of his past, got baptized and changed his name.

4. When Hofmiller imagines Edith cured of her disability, what does he picture her doing?
(a) Dancing and going for long walks beside the river.
(b) Running happily through fields of flowers.
(c) Walking down the aisle at her wedding.
(d) Galloping on horseback and greeting him at the door when he arrives to visit.

5. How does Hofmiller first learn about Herr Kekesfalva?
(a) They serve in the military together.
(b) Hofmiller meets Kekesfalva at the local apothecary shop.
(c) His friends tell him about the family after seeing his niece in a patisserie.
(d) He reads about Kekesfalva in the newspaper.

Short Answer Questions

1. Why did Dietzenhof follow Kekesfalva's advice about selling her property without question?

2. What does Hofmiller find when he arrives back at his barracks after his first meeting with Dr. Condor?

3. In the introduction, Zweig says his depiction of Kekesfalva's early life and the discrimination he felt is based on what?

4. What does Dr. Condor tell Hofmiller about incurable illnesses?

5. How does Kekesfalva plan to repay Hofmiller for talking to Dr. Condor for him?

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