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Stefan Zweig
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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Page 34 through 76..

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Hofmiller do after Kekesfalva apologizes for Edith's behavior?
(a) He tries to change the subject.
(b) He takes the old man's hand and tries to comfort him.
(c) He expresses his interest in dating Edith.
(d) He says there is no excuse for such rudeness, despite her disability.

2. After Kekesfalva speaks privately to Hofmiller about talking to Dr. Condor, what is Edith's mood when the two men return to the house?
(a) She is cheerful and happy that Hofmiller has come for dinner.
(b) She is excited that Hofmiller is going to ask Dr. Condor about her prospects for improvement.
(c) She is angry and demands to know what they've been discussing.
(d) She seems to suspect that they've been talking about her, and she's quiet and moody for the rest of the evening.

3. What does Kekesfalva tell Hofmiller about Dr. Condor's marriage?
(a) He says Mrs. Condor was dating him first and Dr. Condor stole her away from him.
(b) He says Dr. Condor married his wife out of pity because she is blind.
(c) He says the Condors are the happiest couple he knows.
(d) He says Mrs. Condor is unaware that Dr. Condor is having an affair with his nurse.

4. What does Hofmiller do after Ilona explains the reason Edith became so upset at the dinner party?
(a) He asks Ilona to dance.
(b) He explains his actions to Kekesfalva.
(c) He leaves immediately.
(d) He explains the situation to the other guests.

5. According to the introduction, in what way did Zweig's life mirror that of his main character, Hofmiller?
(a) They shared similar taste in books.
(b) He married a very young, very naïve secretary.
(c) He named the character after his brother.
(d) He was also an army officer.

Short Answer Questions

1. How does Hofmiller fill about Edith and Ilona after spending a few evenings in their company?

2. What does Hofmiller see as the only negative aspect of the time he spends with Kekesfalva and his family?

3. Why does Hofmiller say he joined the military?

4. What happens when Hofmiller arrives at the castle to thank Kekesfalva for the dinner invitation?

5. Why is Hofmiller so confused by the range of emotions Edith and her family brings forth in him?

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