Objects & Places from Beware of Pity

Stefan Zweig
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Gaffe - This is a blunder made by a person, which often causes problems.

Austria - This is the Central European country in which the book takes place.

Apothecary - This is an individual who formulates and dispenses medicines for doctors, patients, and others, similar to today's pharmacist.

Garrison - This is a collection of military troops in a single area who are there to protect it or to use it as a base. The term is also used to denote military stations.

Schloss - This is the German term for castle, or palace.

Sanitorium - This is a hospital designed to treat chronic illness, nerve conditions, or mental disorders.

Bacillus - This is a genus of bacteria, and in the book is the reported cause of Edith's paralysis.

Coach-and-Four - This is a large carriage drawn by horses with a driver.

Balustrade - This is a...

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