Beware of Pity Multiple Choice Test Questions

Stefan Zweig
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Introduction and Pages 1 through 34.

1. According to the book's introduction by Joan Acocella, why was the author, Stefan Zweig, so interested in the inner workings of the human mind?
(a) His father was a psychiatrist.
(b) He was a friend of Sigmund Freud.
(c) He was trained as a psychiatrist.
(d) He read a great deal about psychology.

2. In the introduction, Zweig says his depiction of Kekesfalva's early life and the discrimination he felt is based on what?
(a) It is based on his parents' experience.
(b) It is based on the experience of Eastern Jews.
(c) It is based on the experiences of characters in his favorite novels.
(d) It is based on his own experience.

3. According to the introduction, in what way did Zweig's life mirror that of his main character, Hofmiller?
(a) He married a very young, very naïve secretary.
(b) They shared similar taste in books.
(c) He named the character after his brother.
(d) He was also an army officer.

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