Andrew Carnegie and the Rise of Big Business Short Essay - Answer Key

Harold C. Livesay
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Short Essay Questions Key

1. What characterizes America? To what does this refer?

The "American dream" characterizes America. The concept refers to the continuing belief that people can rise above humble beginnings by hard work, honesty and thrift to reach a position of power and influence in America. Independence from Britain 150 years ago transforms this idea into a workable tradition.

2. By what is this dream not diminished?

The dream is not diminished by war, depression and industrialization experienced from the nineteenth through the twenty-first century.

3. Who are Roberto Goizuetta and Any Grove?

Contemporary examples of realizing the American dream include Cuban Roberto Goizuetta, deceased chairman of Coca-Cola, Hungarian Andy Grove, founder of Intel, and Liz Claibourne.

4. How does industry benefit from Carnegie?

Carnegie's ideas about machines and individual success contribute to the development and growth of the industrial economy. Carnegie perfects business techniques to transform an iron and steel industry comprised of many small producers into "big business" for the first time. His example encourages firms in other industries to do the same.

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