Your Money or Your Life Short Essay - Answer Key

Joe Dominguez
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1. What are some problems associated with "business as usual?"

Living with "business as usual," many people spend so much time at work that they have little time left for family and friends. Some people make good money, and yet they are not happy. Most people have more stress and debt than ever before.

2. How does our consumption hurt the environment?

Many of the items we purchase end up in landfills. Production pollutes the air and water, strips the land, and destroys ecosystems.

3. Compare a person's typical response to a long-term threat with the typical response to an immediate threat.

People tend to respond to an immediate threat, while ignoring the long-term threat. People will run from a tiger, yet ignore their ever-increasing debt until it is insurmountable.

4. What happens when businesses operate according to the theory that "growth is good?"

Businesses grow when there is no need to grow, even when people have enough, and even when that growth causes damage to our planet.

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