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Joe Dominguez
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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 4.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Which perspective is the notion of "keeping up with the neighbors" part of?
(a) Inflation.
(b) Emotional and psychological.
(c) Personal responsibility and transformation.
(d) Step 2.

2. What is the key to good spending habits?
(a) Full contentment.
(b) Full complacency.
(c) Full compulsion.
(d) Full consciousness.

3. What are comforts, as defined in Chapter 1?
(a) Things people really enjoy.
(b) Emotional support.
(c) Employment and financial security.
(d) Pillows and mattresses.

4. What does Question 1 help people figure out?
(a) How to increase income.
(b) How to choose a new career.
(c) How they could increase or decrease spending to feel more fulfilled.
(d) How to eliminate debt.

5. What have many people been told by parents and guidance counselors?
(a) Money is more important than happiness.
(b) That they can be anything they want to be.
(c) Employment security is more important than happiness.
(d) That the job market is tight.

Short Answer Questions

1. What should be included in the "miscellaneous" category?

2. Where do values come from?

3. Why are vacations considered to be a work expense?

4. What should the amount started with at the beginning of the month, plus total income, minus total expenses equal?

5. What is Step 1, Part 1 of the program?

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