Objects & Places from Your Money or Your Life

Joe Dominguez
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Wall Chart

This is used to keep track of income, expenses, and investment income each month.

Record of Income and Expenses

This is used to keep track of every penny that enters or leaves a program participant's life.

Monthly Tabulation

This is where a program participant sorts items into detailed categories and records the totals for each category.

U.S. Treasury Bond

This is the government's way of borrowing money from people.

U.S. Agency Bonds

These are issued by agencies of the U.S. federal government.


This extra money can be reinvested, donated, used to buy replacement items, or used to complete a special project.


This makes it easier for the participant to handle small financial emergencies such as unemployment.


This can be invested in U.S. treasury or agency bonds that will provide a lifetime of investment income.

Crossover Point

This is the...

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