Daily Lessons for Teaching Your Money or Your Life

Joe Dominguez
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Lesson 1 (from Chapter 1)


Chapter 1

Most people claim to value their personal lives more than money, but do not live that way. Many successful people are unhappy. Most people have too much stuff. Businesses operate on the principle that "growth is good." This lesson explores the problems with "business as usual."


1) Class Discussion: How does "business as usual" hurt people? Discuss issues such as being too busy for family, giving up on dreams, feeling unhappy, always wanting more, environmental issues, and stress.

2) Small Group Discussion: How do advertisements and the notion that having leisure time is bad contribute to most people's quest to work more and spend more?

3) Short Essay: Explore ways in which people's lives could be enriched or simplified, by refusing to continue "business as usual."

4) Homework: List examples of clutter in your life, including possessions, appointments, errands, papers, and anything else that takes time and energy...

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