Your Money or Your Life Chapter Abstracts for Teachers

Joe Dominguez
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Chapter 1

• Regarding money management, there are problems with "business as usual."

• Although people claim to value their families, friends, and dreams more than money, their actions often indicate the opposite.

• Dream jobs often turn out not to be everything people hoped, and jobs do not always feel meaningful.

• Some people, successful in terms of career, money, and possessions, still feel something is missing.

• Some people work hard for their families, yet come home from work too tired and stressed to enjoy family time.
• Most Americans have more debt and less savings than ever before, despite working hard.

• Over-consumption harms the environment by depleting forests, strip-mining the land, destroying ecosystems, and depleting the soil.

• People buy so many things due to their survival instinct, but the temporary happiness of a new purchase turns into emptiness.

• People are better at dealing with immediate threats than with long-term threats -- they...

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