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B. F. Skinner
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Short Answer Questions

1. While observing this group, what does Frazier reveal to the observers about Walden Two?

2. How is the Code sustained at Walden Two?

3. What does Frazier believe is the cause of Burris' reluctance to embrace the lifestyle of Walden Two?

4. At the group's Sunday breakfast, how does Barbara's behavior affect Frazier?

5. According to Frazier's explanation, what effect has Walden Two's involvement in politics achieved?

Short Essay Questions

1. Why is Frazier's response to Castle's question about government and politics ironic?

2. In discussing failed communal societies, what comparisons does Frazier make between them and Walden Two?

3. When the group sits down to lunch and Castle questions Frazier about government and politics, how does Frazier respond?

4. What is the essence of the conflict between Castle and Frazier about democracy?

5. When Castle and Frazier agree that force or threat of force can control behavior, what additions does Frazier make to the discussion?

6. While on the roof, how does Frazier counter Castle's claim that life at Walden Two offers no challenge and lacks moral law?

7. How does Frazier justify the emphasis on control at Walden Two?

8. What is Frazier's response when Castle questions his belief in democracy?

9. How does Walden Two relate to government in the wider society, and what has the method accomplished?

10. How does Castle seek to prove his point about personal freedom, and with what result?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

What are the advantages and disadvantages of including Walden Two in a current high school literature syllabus?

Essay Topic 2

Walden Two's ideas about education are directly related to Skinner's dissatisfaction with the educational practices of his day. How do the principles and practices in Walden Two's educational system address real weaknesses in modern education?

Essay Topic 3

Walden Two was first published in 1948 and revised for a 1967 publication. What is the relevance of the ideas and theories espoused in the novel, relevant to modern life?

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