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B. F. Skinner
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Short Answer Questions

1. What part does soup play in one of the lessons that the children must learn in order to internalize ethics?

2. What do babies sleep on in Walden Two?

3. In the conversation concerning expression of emotions, what criticism does Frazier make of how the wider society socializes children?

4. What is the philosophy of the women as described by Mrs. Meyerson after Burris makes his comment?

5. When Roger and Barbara join the others for breakfast, how does Barbara stand out from the visitors?

Short Essay Questions

1. When the visitors observe some children going off on a picnic and raise questions about jealousy, what explanations do they receive?

2. Why have Steve and Rogers come to visit Burris?

3. What three examples does Frazier give of methods used to teach children ethical behavior?

4. What is the philosophy of Walden Two about leisure?

5. What are the major features of the Walden Two approach to education?

6. How does Burris convey his interest in the ideas of Steve and Rogers?

7. What explanations does Mrs. Nash give the visitors about bringing up babies at Walden Two?

8. What are some of the feelings about his work that Burris has while being visited by the two men?

9. Summarize the main features of government and administration at Walden Two.

10. Are there any disadvantages to eliminating harmful emotions?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Write a character sketch of Frazier, presenting reasons for your portrayal and commenting on this character's impact on the events in the play.

Essay Topic 2

Today's audiences have been fed a steady diet of science fiction through cinema, television, and theater. Discuss the pros and cons of the observation that this diet has reduced the impact of "Walden Two" as an example of this genre.

Essay Topic 3

Write a detailed critique of Walden Two's system of labor credits and its method of determining who goes into different careers.

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