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B. F. Skinner
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Short Answer Questions

1. On their way to their first activity on the morning after they participate in entertainment, what do the visitors observe?

2. What approach to psychology is reflected in this first activity that is observed by the visitors?

3. How does the group of visitors manage the first work assignment of window-cleaning?

4. How does Mrs. Meyerson contribute to the community's cultural activities?

5. What is the figure of speech contained in the name of the passageway where the visitors first have tea?

Short Essay Questions

1. When the visitors observe some children going off on a picnic and raise questions about jealousy, what explanations do they receive?

2. What aspects of Walden Two's practices do the visitors observe at dinner?

3. What explanations does Mrs. Nash give the visitors about bringing up babies at Walden Two?

4. What advertising practices does Walden Two observe?

5. What is the significance of the sheep that Frazier points out to the group early in their visit?

6. What are the major features of the Walden Two approach to education?

7. Are there any disadvantages to eliminating harmful emotions?

8. What does the conversation about jealousy give Frazier the opportunity to do, and how do Barbara and Castle respond?

9. How is work organized at Walden Two?

10. What kind of celebration does the group observe after tea on the first day of the visit?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

An overriding fact about Walden Two is that its members are a self-selected group because they have all chosen to be there. How does this limit the idea of replicating the principles and practices of the community in the wider society?

Essay Topic 2

"An attack on traditional society and its cherished institutions". Discuss this assessment of Walden Two.

Essay Topic 3

The main purpose of Walden Two is the expression of the author's scientific theories about the science of behavior and how it should be used to manage societies. To what extent is this purpose accomplished?

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