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B. F. Skinner
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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Why does the author have Burris discuss matters with the housewife that he meets on the way to his room?
(a) To get the perspective of a mature, ordinary member of the community.
(b) To get the perspective of the unemployed.
(c) To get the female perspective.
(d) To get the perspective of mothers.

2. What is the role of religion in life at Walden Two?
(a) Most people's religious beliefs fade into the background.
(b) It plays a signficant role in the life of members, but not of the leaders.
(c) The leaders make sure it plays no role at all.
(d) It plays a significant role for all.

3. What new kind of control does Frazier add to the Sunday evening debate about behavior control?
(a) Negative reinforcement.
(b) Negative conditioning.
(c) Positive reinforcement.
(d) Positive conditioning.

4. When the visitors have almost completed their window washing, what is the next assignment for Rogers, Steve, and Burris?
(a) They stack wood behind the theater.
(b) They paint the nursery.
(c) They clean the school.
(d) They refurbish buildings.

5. Following the discussion of marriage and child-bearing, what view of the modern world does Frazier use to justify some of the family-oriented practices at Walden Two?
(a) The traditional family is an outdated concept.
(b) The modern family is not accomplishing its purposes.
(c) The family is weakening in the modern world, and the Walden Two community takes on traditional family roles.
(d) It takes a whole community, not just parents, to raise children.

Short Answer Questions

1. As the visitors tour the mental and dental facilities, what is evidently the major emphasis in the approach to care?

2. According to Frazier's explanation of behavior theory, what two contradictory forces occur simultaneously when it is applied?

3. According to Frazier, how do the child-rearing practices affect the development of the children?

4. After his heavy work stacking wood, when Burris talks with Frazier at dinner about communal societies that have failed, what is Frazier's first response?

5. What is the major difference between the arguments advanced by Castle and those advanced by Frazier?

Short Essay Questions

1. After hearing extensive reports from Frazier about the members of Walden Two, what does Burris decide to do?

2. What do the motives of Steve and Barbara suggest about the type of persons that Walden Two might attract?

3. According to Frazier's explanation on the roof, what is the "Good Life"?

4. After they have heard about education and child-rearing, what views about family life does Frazier share with the visitors?

5. Why are Steve and Mary attracted to joining Walden Two?

6. How do the views of Castle and Frazier about freedom conflict?

7. When the group sits down to lunch and Castle questions Frazier about government and politics, how does Frazier respond?

8. When Frazier, Burris, and Castle take a walk outside and see a group arriving, what information is given about the growth of the community?

9. When Burris and Frazier are alone after rain destroys the group's plan of an afternoon walk, of what does Burris accuse Frazier, and why?

10. How does the conversation that Burris has with a housewife, on his way back to his room from his investigations, confirm his conclusions about Walden Two's members?

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