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B. F. Skinner
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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. While observing this group, what does Frazier reveal to the observers about Walden Two?
(a) It has been perpetuating itself by forming similar communities at Walden Three, Four and Five.
(b) It is cutting back on the formation of new communities.
(c) It has reached its final goal of six communities.
(d) It has over ten branches.

2. According to Frazier, how does Walden Two's second generation of members differ from its first?
(a) The first was interested in a simpler way of life, the second to pursue this with more adherence to the Code.
(b) The second generation agreed to the Code, but the first used trial and error.
(c) The first was guided by Frazier's vision, the second by a shared Code.
(d) The second generation is raised in Walden Two's culture, but the first generation agreed to the Code.

3. During the Sunday evening debate about behavior control, on what point do Castle and Frazier agree?
(a) That force and the threat of force do control behavior.
(b) That sanctions do control behavior.
(c) That fear of consequences does control behavior.
(d) That conditioning does control behavior.

4. During the Sunday evening debate about behavior control, how does Castle try to demonstrate his own freedom?
(a) He suggests that he could decide whether or not to light a match.
(b) He suggests that he could decide whether or not to light a fire.
(c) He suggests that he could decide whether or not to say another word.
(d) He suggests that with freedom, he could decide to drop or hold a book of matches.

5. Later in the discussion about failed communal societies, how does Frazier explain their failure?
(a) They tried to do too much too soon.
(b) They did not use engineered behavior.
(c) They believed they were following truth from God or from visions.
(d) They believed they were perfect.

Short Answer Questions

1. What further clarification does Frazier give to the group about the new kind of behavioral control?

2. As Burris smokes in the garden, what thought occurs to him about the impact of his visit to Walden Two?

3. What views about power does Frazier express in response to Castle's comments?

4. As the visitors tour the mental and dental facilities, what is evidently the major emphasis in the approach to care?

5. At the group's Sunday breakfast, how does Barbara's behavior affect Frazier?

Short Essay Questions

1. According to Frazier's explanation on the roof, what is the "Good Life"?

2. What is the essence of the conflict between Castle and Frazier about democracy?

3. How does the conversation that Burris has with a housewife, on his way back to his room from his investigations, confirm his conclusions about Walden Two's members?

4. When Frazier, Burris, and Castle take a walk outside and see a group arriving, what information is given about the growth of the community?

5. What is Frazier's vision for Walden Two?

6. After hearing extensive reports from Frazier about the members of Walden Two, what does Burris decide to do?

7. As he seeks verification of the happiness of Walden Two's members, what groups does Burris encounter and what does he conclude?

8. When the group sits down to lunch and Castle questions Frazier about government and politics, how does Frazier respond?

9. What do the motives of Steve and Barbara suggest about the type of persons that Walden Two might attract?

10. What is Frazier's response when Castle questions his belief in democracy?

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